5''&5.5 Bongo Drum Set Musical Instrument

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"Percussion instrument - bongo African drum percussions. Thickened drum ring, difficult to damage. Drum essential for beginners and fans of drummers. Bongos are a pair of single-headed, open ended drums attached to each other. These bongos consists of one larger drum and one smaller drum to play different sounds and allow the children to use two hands at once.
Most often played by hand, they are associated in music with a steady patter of eighth-notes known as martillo or hammer. The children can hit the edge or the centre of the bongo for alternating sounds in a variety of different rhythms. Bongos are great for teaching the children about beat and rhythm and they will love playing these drums and developing their skills.

What's in the box
2 x bango drums attached to eachother"

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